joiningif you're interested in joining the gpsl, you're going to need an invite from a current member before you can apply. there are several ways to get an invite which include: filling a storyline for someone from the wanted list, asking around in pbads or even this post, or coming up with a well thought-out character and posting to visitor with the note that you still need an invite to apply.
characterswhile we don't really want to say what you can and can't do when it comes to your own characters, there's some ground we need to cover. first, this is not the place to ressurect old characters from old communities. we will not accept characters that we know to have been at previous communities. second, we're not really looking to accept characters with a shady background (thieves, murderers, etc) or characters who are planning on heading down a shady path. this gpsl is set well after the war and harry, hermione, and ron are well on their way to becoming leading officials in the ministry. we're going to assume that, in part because of what happened during the war, there's a more rigorous background check done on every employee before they're hired. this isn't to say that you can't write a complete asshole or give a character a tragic background that might have shaped them into a less than pleasant individual, just don't use that as an excuse for them essentially being a new age death eater. also, please know that you are 100% responsible for your character and their actions.
updatingyou're expected to update at least once every two months. your update should, at minimum, have 150+ words worth of your own writing incorporated. the only exception to this rule is if you choose to use a graphic-based update where it's obvious that you spent some time on it and it gives the other members of the gpsl a similar insight as to what's going on in your character's life as you might have given them with a narrative. when writing, you can choose to write a traditional narrative or even use what's been called a hover narrative. supplying a biography, directory page, or list of detailed facts will also count toward your 150+ words. your two-month update window will reset every time you update and meet the criteria. if, for any reason, you know that you're going to miss the deadline for your update, you need to let us know so that we can work things out ahead of time.
activityit's important that you're an active and participating member of the gpsl. beginning october 1st, everyone is required to post to ministry at least once a month (this can be in the form of a question, group thread, event, or any other means of ic interaction). it's also important that everyone responds to comments that they receive, or they will be considered inactive within 72 hours. not only that, but if you haven't commented any of the posts made in ministry by other members of the gpsl in over a week, you will be considered inactive and removed. "sorry, i forgot" isn't a viable excuse and you're responsible for letting us know if you won't be around. active and participating members are an integral part of the gpsl. while we understand that life happens and sometimes things get in the way, being removed repeatedly for inactivity and lack of participation is something that we can't tolerate. when a member has been removed more than twice for inactivity, we reserve the right to say that enough is enough after we've taken their circumstances into consideration.
et ceteraas a general rule of thumb, we reserve the right to remove any member as necessary in order to maintain the status quo of the gpsl. your acceptance to this gpsl is based on the assumption that you know and understand the general rules and common courtesies of roleplaying. there is no excuse for crossing the ic/ooc line, not asking another member's permission when it comes to things such as pregnancy and death, or being a general asshole. we will not tolerate anyone who makes the other members of the gpsl feel uncomfortable for any reason.